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Željan Buturic,dipl.oec.
J.K.Skenderbega 49 A
23000 Zadar, CROATIA


German Croazia - Dugi Otok

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Guest review

Catherine from Selestat - 2004 - house 103 Sali

We have been really very delighted by our vacation on Dugi Otok. For sure, we will recomend you for friends and relatives. The house was ok and the houseowner was nice, nothing to say. We were wondering if you have also some contacts with houseowner in following location : on the island in front of Dugi otok (I can not remember the name) orin the national park where the salted lake is located.

Jennifer - 2004 - house 129 Sali

Once we finally arrived in Sali, we had a great time, except for the weather, which was bad on Friday evening and then gradually improved through Saturday and Saturday until we had two lovely days on Monday and Tuesday. Thank you for helping with our travel difficulties. My Voyco Usali (sorry if the spelling is wrong!) was a charming and friendly host. He looked after us very well, arranging a hired motor bike, taking us out on his boat and cooking us a fish barbecue. The cottage was adequate, but not much more than that. I am sure it will be a lot better when the work is finished. Once the second bedroom is ready, and comfortable chairs can be put where the beds now are, the cottage will be much improved. We really enjoyed our stay, and are hoping to return to Dugi Otok some day soon.

Jane from England - 2004 - house DENIS Zdrelac

We had a wonderful holiday on Pasman. The family who owned the appartment were very helpful and extremely friendly. The appartment was fantastic with stunning views over to Zadar. It would be helpful to have some information about the area in the appartment but we managed to visit lots of different sights. I'm sure we will visit again and we have certainly told our family and friends how good it was. Thanks again for some wonderful memories of your beautiful country.

Barbara - 2004 - house 203 Zman

I try to tell you what my brothers opinon was of their holiday. They actually fell in love with island. They got exactly what they needed. Peaceful and friendly atmosphere. They liked the apartman and the hosts very much. The owner was very friendly and helpful and they spent several evening boosing and chating. The other guests were also very friendly. Since we are also in the hotel business, what we want on our holiday is silence, not too many tourists and peace. Dugi otok was an ideal choice. My brother mentioned ,that he liked the tranquility of the island so much that even though he never planned buying a house abroad, he was tempted to look around for houses for sale.He didn't have enough time during the vacation, but he is still contemplating about it. Thanks for your co operation again, cause it was an unforgetable week for them.

Niklas from Sweden - 2004 - house 186 Veli Rat

Our impressions of Dugi Otok and our stay there were quite mixed. It was interesting to find an island som quiet and peacuful. We didn´t believe there were places like that left in Europe. Good things about Dugi Otok: - Clean water. - Good food in the restaurants - Quiet - No traffic - Good prices Not so good: - Very few beaches good for swimming. If you attract more people to Dugi Otok there will be a big problem because the tiny beaches by the lighthouse and Saharun will soon be crowded. - Very little fresh food in the stores. Hardly any locally produced food to buy. No fresh meat. - NO boats to rent. About our house: Some details: - Inform the guests that the must bring some kind of mosquito-nets or other protection. We arrived late at night and we were not informed that the house was full of small mosquitos and there were no shops open. - Our host should tell us this from the start and have mosquito-machines to sell. - Scandinavians like to read books. Get bedside lamps. Going back to Dugi Otok we would choose to stay in Bozava. That was our favourite town. And the best swimming by far. Clean rocks and close to restaurants. My advise to you is to get contracts on houses and appartment in Bozava. A In short: A beautiful Island in a beautiful sea. But everything could be so much better with a small effort. Clean up the beaches to the west. Promote local food and other local products. Being a journalist it´s hard to tell just the good things about the island.

William from USA - 2004 - house 130 Zaglav

My family and I enjoyed our stay on Dugi very much. Ivana Milanja was very kind to us, I just wish I spoke and understood more Croatian so I could have talked with her more. The restaurant at Hotel Sali--I've forgotten the name--provided a beautiful setting for dinner and we enjoyed the staff, Zhelko, hisbrother, tata, and mother--wonderful and friendly people. Sali proved to be a friendly place, especially Ante Mihic and the library. My son and daughter enjoyed playing games with the local children and we even checked out some books (I tried translating some works by Miroslav Krleza). Restoran Tamaris had a spectacular view, great service, and excellent food. We also hung out at that rock n roll cafe--I forget the name--and made friends with Neven who said he knew you. The swimming in the bay at Zaglav proved marvelous but the boat traffic could sometimes be a problem. My son and daughter fell in love with the beach at Sakarun, so we drove there about 6 times I'd say. We enjoyed the fewer tourists and laid back life of the island. The only criticism of the apartment, which was spacious, clean, and comfortable would be the lack of a fan. Please thank Gospodin Milanja and Ms. Ivana for our stay.

Milan - 2004 - house MILAN Susica

Our holiday was wery nice.We had beautiful impression.Houseowners were kind couple. They cared about us well. Give our regards to Agata and Milan.

Radim - 2004 - house 142 Sali

Regarding my holiday on Dugi otok I can say it only with the one word - beautiful ! I was surprised with your country. I was in Croatia for the first time, and I like it. I think, that my choice to go to the island was also very good. There was beautiful nature, very nice clean sea with unbelievable colour. I think, that also Sali is very nice place with all things what the people during holiday need. You asked about some hint for improving your offer for the next year. I think, there is nothing to improve. You found for me and my family probably one of the best house in Sali for such price, although I contacted you too late for the summer season. The Vojko Frka's house was about one minute walk from the beach, and it was about two minutes walk from small shop. There was only one minor bad thing, problem with the water. I heard in the Zadar radio, that there were many problems with the water during this summer, not only on Dugi Otok. So I am understanding that. Vojko said to us at the arrival, that we need to save water, because of the problems with it and we had enough water for the whole holiday in Sali. My great thanks to you Mr. Buturic for all you did for us. I showed my photos to my coleagues, they liked the nice island. They asked me for the contact to you. I will provide your web site address for they. Maybe during the next year they will contact you with the request for the holiday in Croatia. I know, that sooner is better. I wish to you and to your family all the best, and I hope we will be in contact the next year also.

Paul and Wanda from London - 2004 - house 108 Telascica

we are now home from a wonderful week on Dugi Otok and just wanted to let you know that we had a delightful time. It was so peaceful and quiet, which is what we were hoping for. It is a really beautiful island and the people we met were all lovely too. Even with 2 days of rain we were able to relax and enjoy the island, and we had 4 or 5 very good days too, 1 of them spent completely alone in a small cove with glorious sunshine. Thank you for meeting us in Zadar, sorry you did not make it to Dugi Otok for that coffee! We hope you are well and will certainly recommend your site to our friends, all the best,

Radka - 2004 - house 182 Sali

I think that Dugi Otok is a very nice place for people who are looking for the pleasant place without a lot of tourists. It came up to our expectation and we can recommend it to our friends. The best experience, I thing, was our trip to NP Kornati, only 6 people and captain of the boat. Our accommodation was great, beautiful view, new interior and kind houseowners. There were no problems there.

Robert - 2005 - house 189 Sali

Holidays on the Dugi Otok was awesome. Very nice place, both house and the island. Our trip to Croatia was really great pleasure. Of course we recommend this place to our friends. House was very nice, with wonderful view from balcony, the owner, mr. Bozidar was really kind for us. You haven't improving you offer, 'cause its good. We want to thank you for fast answering for our questions and for show large offer of houses.

Joseph - 2005 - house 129 Sali

We had a wonderful holiday in Vojko and Maja's house in Sali. While we were there they asked us if there was anything we would want changed about the house etc. We did suggest that they should put some different photographs of the house on your website, as the house is actually much nicer than the pictures had made us expect. I am a photographer, and I took some pictures for them, which I have also attached to this email, in case you would like to use them. In terms of things you could be changed in the house, it was very nice in general. It would be great if there were proper mosquito screens fitted on all the windows, as we were bitten every night, and that was rather unpleasant. Apart from that, it was wonderful. Thank you for helping us have such a good holiday.

Bo from Sweden - 2005 - house 237 Sali

Defnetive we will recomend you if someone ask, which I`m sure it will be , because Croatia is the country everybody talks about when the subject holiday is discussed. For our family this was not the first trip , we have been in Croatia since -97 almost every year since ,and I must say that the first year we had a feeling of beeing the only Swedish tourist in whole Croatia. This year we were not alone !! The appartment was quite ok and we was received with kindness and service at arrival. Improvements: Well , some small things : Information , maybe a map over the town Sali with markets, restaurants, beaches, rent a scooter, boatrental a.s.o could make it easier to get started. For us, and I think, many Swedish tourists ,access to a small ( and fast ) boat is very important. Finally I must say that we are very satisfied with everything and we had a wonderful week.

Tim - 2005 - house 228 Soline

Just wanted to say thanks for your help in arranging our holiday in Dugi Otok. We had an excellent holiday. The accommodation was first class. Please also pass our thanks onto the owners who made us feel very welcome.

Ferenc - 2006 - house 166 Dumboka

Our holiday at Dumboka was very good. We enjoyed the nature, fish dinners and also your flexibility, that were able to accomodate also 5 nights, instead of one week, because we couldn't have arrived earlier... so it was nice. Of course I reccommend this place and your homepage to my friends, as I also have done before. Have a nice time and good business.

Iain - 2006 - house 118 Sali

We had a very, very nice holiday on Dugi Otok. The house was very nice and we were pleasantly surprised that it was only 40 metres from the sea, which was not apparent from your description or photographs, I suggest you employ a professional photographer or, perhaps, a photography student to take some nice pictures of the apartments you represent. The owner of the house was also very pleasant. We found Dugi Otok to be a very beautiful place and recommend the beaches at Veli Rat, 1st, and Sakarun for families. Sali also seems to be a place where Croatian people send their children to grandparents for the summer and due to this there were all sort of programs for the 'local' children, these programs were very local and outsiders were looked at and treated as such, which is strange and stupid for a village that would die without tourism. The prices in the restaurants were also very high, the same price as good restaurants in the UK and the selection was not so good and the service was ridiculously poor. The ice cream bar in Sali is excellent, the people very nice, friendly, the service excellent and prices reasonable, very recommended. One of the best people was Tonci, the guy who rented out the small boats, he had loads of information, spoke very good English and was fair and honest, and the olive oil he sold us is out of this world, we are still using it. The best things about Dugi Otok, though, are its Mediterranean feel, its beauty, and the lack of crowds. We will recommend you and Dugi Otok to anyone who asks us about Croatia. We are thinking about Dugi Otok next year, but we are not sure. I hope this letter will help you improve your service and that you will pass on its contents to others involved in the tourist industry in Croatia.

Alison - 2006 - house DENIS Zdrelac

we had a fantastic holiday and found the service you offered very good was great to be able to keep in touch, you did so very punctually.The house was excellent and we found the owners extremely friendly and relaxed. We mentioned a couple of things which seemed to be missing in the apartment but yes I have already recommended you to some friends here in Slovakia, you have a very good choice of accommodation.

Filip from Belgium - 2007 - house 217 Luka

we were very satisfied about our vacation house, and our stay at Dugi Otok. Best regards to you, and the fine people of the Bubica family. Hopefully, we can return next year

Sandor from Hungary - 2007 - house 153 Sali

I would like to say thanks for your help during our holiday in Croatia. We spent a very nice week in Dugi Otok. We were absolutely satisfied with the house and the beautiful island. Thank you

Eva from Hungary - 2007 - house 208 Brbinj

Our vacation was great ( the only problem was the weather), the house was excellent, quiet, comfortable, the owners were very nice people. So I absolutely recommend it, and hopefully we will once return

Filip from Belgium - 2007 - house 217 Luka

I am glad to give you our opinion and impressions. I'll do it the interview way: How was the experience with mr Buturic? - Professional, relaxed, helpful, accurate information, honest. This should be the way of doing business in the whole tourist business. How was the road & boat trip to Dugi Otok? - A long and exhausting two day road trip with lots of traffic, accidents,.... Next time: avoid the crowdy week-ends to drive. Nice landscapes, though! How was the contact with the Bubica family? - Mr Sinaj Bubica and his wife are very kind and sensitive people, who gave us a very warm wellcome. Unfortunately i do not speak a lot of Croatian (yet), we managed to understand each other with some German, English, Italian and some Flemish dialect. We rarely met such a fine, discreet and sophisticated people when we rented a vacation house. Their son and daughter (who you also know personally, i believe?) were also very nice and funny people. We met on several occasions during our vacation, and we keep good memories about them too... How was the vacation house? - The foto's from your website certainly made us dream, but...the reality was even better. We really felt "at home" in this clean, practical cosy house. The amazing seaside view, the terraces, wonderful wild garden, the calm & privacy. I wish i was there right now! There, we did not care about television, or internet connections, or luxurious bathrooms or air conditioning. On a true vacation you don't need all that! And a true vacation it was... How was the village of Luka? - A real village, with real locals being themselves, relatively unspoilt by (mass) tourism. Treat people and their culture with respect, and mostly allways you'll be treated the same way. That's what i think. There is a good bar with nice terrace, where i drank lots of karlovac and ozujsko pivo.... In the village shop we bought all the necessary things that one needs on a holiday. We are from a country where you can easily buy practically anything that money can buy. We are spoilt consumers. Too much choice... On the island of Dugi Otok, the biggest "market" was in Sali. We were surprised that sometimes the choice of what one can buy in these markets, can be somewhat limited. We got used to this very quickly. Anyway, we ate very good and healthy during our stay.The cost of living was a lot cheaper than in België. The only thing we were sorry about, is that you can not buy fresh fish for the grill, and even meat is sometimes a problem. However, in several good & cheap restaurants we ate wonderful grilled steak, meat & fish dishes, pizza, sladoled,... How was the nature of the island? - We don't have mountains, wild bush, cristal clear sea water, absolute calm & deserted beaches, NO STOPLIGHTS(!), no traffic worth mentioning,... How many times did we say? We could live on an island like this! This is what man REALLY needs. Would we like to come back? -We visited Croatia three times. It's a big country, with many beautiful islands, lots of things to see. So far, this was the best vacation we ever had. Happiness is in the repetition of things, they say... Would we recommend, the house & location to friends and relatives? - no doubt! of course i would! When i hear about vacation disaster stories of other people, we are allways happy to tell our good experience of last summer. However, for most belgian people the driving distance is a problem. The only Belgians we met on the island came in a fly & drive formula: They flew to Split and drove with their rented car to Zman. The fly & drive cost them 500 euro for two weeks. The appartment they rented was rather small and cost them also 500 euro for two weeks. I found my way better...but in total i drove 4000 kilometres. (we did a lot of car trips on the island too, but still.) So over all, we had a very good, but too short vacation. We wish you a lot success with your business. if you have any questions, just ask. If there are people who would like to ask me information, you can give them my e-mail address too. Kind regards,

Heather from UK - 2007 - house 102 Sali

We had a very good time on Dugi Otok and thought the house was very good, very close to the swimming bay, and we were able to walk to restaurants. It would have been great if there had been any possibility of hiring a car on the island, as we could have seen much more of it, but we did not want to hire in Zadar and take one on the ferry, because of the ease and convenience of the passenger only ferry and public transport is very good in Croatia. Maybe even a taxi service would have been good. However we did some walking to nearby places and hired a small boat for a day, but did not have enough experience with boats to go too far. All the best for you and I would recommend it to friends if they want to go to Croatia

Rachel from UK - 2007 - house 233 Brbinj

I had a fantastic holiday and will come back to Croatia another time. I think you have to make sure that any of your clients coming from the UK definitely know to book a car either at the airport or on the mainland. You did suggest it but stress the importance of it to in order to move around the island. The apartment was lovely and clean. We had a great time.

Bruno from France - 2007 - house DENIS Zdrelac

We were very satisfied with our holidays in Pasman/Ugljan ! The houseowner ans his family were very nice and the appartment is big enough for 4 adults and a child, comfortable and quiet. Especially the terrace wich is very big and agreable with the view on a little forest. It's also good to have a shady place for the car in the garden and the sea just near the house ! we will speak about your offer to our friends without any problem

Bengt and Ulla from Sweden - 2007 - house 237 Sali

We are very satisfied with our stay on Dugi Otuk. Both with the house itself, the location of it and of the fantastic island. We had three amazing weeks there, saw many nice things and meet many friendly and nice people. The only thing we missed was a place outside with a good sunshade. We would have liked to be able to use the terrace during daytime if there were a parasols or a shade of some kind. Now we could not use any of them until the evenings and that was bad. As a whole we loved our stay and are right now talking about maybe going back next summer. However we have already recommended you to both friends and relatives and we sure will do so in the future.

Laszlo from Hungary - 2008 - house 182 Sali

we spent a very nice week on the long island, Dugi Otok is a wonderful place. We were absolutely satisfied with the apartman and with the houseowner also. Barbara if I remember her name correctly, was very friendly and helpful. Just one comment: the house itself were nicer than it was on the pictures. So it was a nice surprise to us but may be you should choose the photos for the next season. So once again thanks for your help and efforts to organize our holiday, and of course I will recommend you to everybody who wants to go to Croatia.

Tecla from Holland - 2008 - house 109 Sali

We really enjoyed our stay on the island Dugi Otok. We were impressed with your quick service for the fact that we could rent the appartment on such a short notice. The daugher of the houseowners welcomed us when we arrived in Sali and brought us to the appartment, which was very kind of her. The appartment itself was good and the sea view was great! I will defenitely recommend your service to friends and relatives travelling to the coastline of Croatia

Michael - 2008 - house 111 Sali

We had a great time during our stay on Dugi Otok. Sali was very beautiful, we also visited some of the other towns on the island and the national park. I liked the national park (salt lake and clipps) and the trip to the lighthouse in Veli Rat best. For the house, everything worked out fine. The rooms was quite small and the sea-view from our balcony was amazing. On the first day it was difficult to find the way to our house by car; There are not many roads in Sali and we ended up in a dead-end street first, which was quite funny. A discription how to get there by car would be heplful (you have to go through the harbour area which is a pedestrian area, where car are normally not allowed, to get there). I enjoyed the time on Dugi Otok a lot; For me, one week was a good time to see everything on the island; A second week for just relaxing would have been great, too.

Andrea and Peter - 2008 - house VINKO Zdrelac

this holiday at Vinko`s was unforgettable! We and the kids enjoyed it very much and if we can, we would go back next year but definitely we will use your service. Everything was perfect, the only thing i can mention was that, there wasn`t photo for all of the houses. That`s it! Everything else was excellent!

Thierry from Plateau d Assy - 2009 - house 245

Houseowners are realy nice people. The house was clean, and the price was right. It's a great place to be quiet with animals. My opinion and impression are very good.

Ken and Shirley from England - 2009 - house 250

We had a fabulous holiday in Dugi Otok and would like to return next year - it was unspoiled and a very peaceful place to stay.We are recommending this holiday destinations to our friends and relatives. As far as improvements are concerned, we do not have any in particular

Susan from England - 2009 - house 131

We absolutely loved Dugi Otok!We will definitely go back there again some day. I have no complaints at all. Our plan to go there was all very last minute and the night before we left I had a bad feeling that surely something was bound to go wrong...but it didn't. Your service was excellent and I have already recommened the apartment to friends. The landlady was friendly and helpful, the apartment was much better than I expected and so my only suggestion would be to update the photos of it as they seemed out of date since some improvements have been made, particularly the bathroom. Communication with you was very good and I appreciated very much your prompt replies to all emails. In particular, I would like to thank you for helping me at the very last minute in getting a car rental by suggesting your friend Mr Mikula who did indeed get us a car.

Pascal from Geraardsbergen - 2009 - house 129

We spent a superb holliday on the island Dugi Otok.Not only the climate was perfect; the houseowners were verry sympathetic and welcoming. It was the first time since we enjoy hollidays that we could feel and apreciate such a warm hospitality as the hospitality of Maja and Vojko. The little house was perfect and very good maintained. The environment responded perfect to your description; we loved Sali in his totality. As you can see, our opinion of our holiday in Sali is more than favourable and we will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends and family. We hope to return one day up to Dugi Otok.

Simon from London - 2010 - house 105

We had a wonderful holiday in Dugi Otok, the apartment was excellent and we really enjoyed relaxing in Sali. I would definately go there again and recommend your services. We also enjoyed two days in Zadar. At the moment we are thinking about returning to the same apartment in Sali for next year (August). Thank you very much for your help. Please could you pass on our thanks to the apartment owner, Ms Mirjana Dominis.

Ruth from England - 2010 - house NEDO

Enjoyed ourselves very much on Molat, house is much nicer than the pictures!The owners are lovely and very friendly, lent us a gas bbq to cook the fish that we bought from them, beaches and countryside are fantastic, and you can buy plenty of food on Molat, the shop 300 m from the house has a good selection of local food. Will recomend you to our friends, will look at your website when we are looking for our next holiday. Thanks for your help

Marion from Emmeloord - 2010 - house BRUNO

We have had a wonderfull holiday on the island. I allready recommend you by friends. Everything was more than ok. Bruno is a very nice landlord and also very helpfull. The house is spacious enough and clean. I want to compliment you for your service. Whenever we want to go to croatia again, we will contact you first.

Peter from Pardubice - 2010 - house MIRKOB

we were very satisfied with accomodation and with owners of the house, they were very nice.Everything was perfekt. Thank you

Noemi from Budapest - 2010 - house 192

the house absolutely fulfilled our needs. It was clean, comfortable, equipped with everything for a one-week-holiday. The owner was very nice!! Unfortunately we had communication problems, as she speaks Croatian only..., She tried to talk to us, but we did not really understand each other. Fortunately we had a small croatian-hungarian dictionary, just in case, and it helped a lot.. :) The island is beautiful, and is between our choices for next years' holidays again

Raphael from Champagneux - 2010 - house 101 Sali

Holidays were perfect. Very nice ans quiet place I recommand for people and want to spend holidays with family. Appartment was OK and owners very kind. However, be carefull as they are not speaking english or french or german

Thierry from France - 2010 - house 180 Zaglav

We spent very nice holidays in Croatia this summer. The place in Zaglav was very quiet. The view from the house was fantatstic, however, the equipment in the house was very poor. It would have been very appreciate to find sun chairs and larger parasol on the terrasse, and additional equipment in the kitchen

Christine and Patrick from France - 2010 - house 246 Dumboka

We spent very nice holidays in Dugi otok : nice house, nice place, nice houseowners and beautiful islands. Some tourists (like us) but not too much, ... we enjoy the 2 weeks. Nothing to say about the house (very clean) in Dumboka and the appartment in Sali... the description on your website was very close to the reality. Of course, we will recommend you, and we keep your contact for a next time

Bram and Marianne from Bennekom - 2011 - house 154 Sali

We were very happy that you could arange accommodation in Sali a few days before we left for Croatia. We had a wonderfull time in Croatia for 4 weeks and Dugi Otok was very special for us. The Island was beautifull, special the viewpoint in the national Park, but also the view from our appartment on the harbour of Sali! Thank you that you helped us and if other people want a trip to Croatia (several friends of us want) we know what we can advice.

Esther from Affoltern am Albis - 2011 - house 101 Sali

we spent two woderful weeks on Dugi Otuk. The weather could have been better, but this is something you cann't help. We loved the place we rented. The only thing I missed was a deck-chair on the balcony to relax. There was nothing else missing. We can recommand the appartment.

Natasha from UK - 2011 - house 135 Sali

Thank you so much for the accommodation for us on our holiday in Dugi Otok. The landlady was very helpful and met us as soon as we arrived with the keys. The apartment was generously sized, especially compared to the smaller, more expensive places available on the mainland. The location was excellent; just as we asked, you found us a great place with big rooms, a balcony, and literally right on the water. We even had a fast internet connection so we could stay in contact with family and friends, and organise our further holiday in Croatia. We had a good time on Dugi Otok - we enjoyed the salt lake and had a stroll around some of the rocky shores, and had time to go snorkelling a little. Generally though we found that there were not many signposts, and even the national park had no obvious entrance, and we had to walk about 2 kilometers from the nearest car park up to the entrance to the walk around the salt lake. We encountered a few other tourists who couldn't manage the walk because they were carrying things or had kids, and that must have been disappointing for them. I think we would have had a better time on Dugi Otok if we had arrived by boat, as there were many yachts parked in the national park, and the people were able to come ashore easily and explore. However the food and the beer in Sali were great, and we spent many lazy hours watching the boats come out and in, and walked around the coastline relaxing and breathing the sea air. So thank you for the accommodation, and I would certainly recommend you to my friends and family if they are ever planning a trip to the region.

Stepan from Praha - 2011 - house 233 Brbinj

All was just fine, Island is wonderful, people nice and overall very nice. House , location and also weather wonderful. So, thank you very much for arranging nice holiday

Sophie from Boortmeerbeek - 2011 - house 166 Dumboka

We really liked our holiday on Dugi Otok, and we will certainly recommend you to our friends. Positive was het bedlinnen and the towels we got, everything was there. The house was clean. It was really peacefull there. And the fisherman helped us to bring everything to the house by boat, what was really nice and perhaps even necessary. The fisherman were really friendly too. Negative was that you have to ask for the fish yourself, that we didn't know so we had a misunderstanding about that.

Zsuzsa from Budapest - 2011 - house 189 Sali

Everything was ok, we had a nice holiday there. The island is beautiful and it has a lot to see. The apartment was really good too, only the pictures were a little bit old on your homepage, a lot of things looked different now, it was hard to find it first but after that everything was ok.

Trond from Norway - 2011 - house 146 Sali

Everything worked out as planned. Our trip to Dugi Otok was pleasant, and the family enjoyed to stay in Sali and the apartment/house we had. I found your information about apartments/houses good, and photos very good. For me and my family in total we did like what we paid for, and would like to come back sometime. I would also recommend you to my friends or people I know.

Ken from London - 2011 - house 249 Sali

We had a wonderful time on Dugi Otok. We know the island well and once again enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. We also very much enjoyed staying at the apartment. The owners were very kind and helpful (do give them our regards) and the apartment was very well appointed. We particularly enjoyed the balcony and the magnificent views.

Petr from Dubnany - 2012 - house 201 Sali

I have to say - Dugi otok according to me, was little bit different Croatia for me as before. But much more better than on the continent. Nature is very nice, people nice. I hate if I have feeling that I am in tourist industry - here I was without this feeling. On dugi otok - not so much people - would say one of the best holyday. Accomodation - was ok - level of accomodation was on the price level. I have recomend it to my frends.

Piotr from Poznan - 2012 - house 271 Dumboka

We spent a very nice holidays on Dugi Otok, and were very happy with the house. The only things we found problematic was the fridge - it was too small for 4 persons in our opinion, and there was no freezer (to make ice for example or store meat), but I guess that would require the normal electricity. There were also some problems with the water pressure in the shower. But theweather, location of the house, the souroundings and peace were amazing. We also liked the house owners very much, they were very helpfull. Once againg, thank you for a wonderful holidays.

Elizabeth from UK - 2012 - house 135 Sali

We had a really enjoyable time on the island, and you were very helpful in finding us the accommodation. The houseowners were very kind and helpful, helping us to hire a boat and giving us good advice about the local area. The accommodation was fine, it had everything we needed.

Anne and Olivier from Bois de Villers, Belgium - 2012 - house 201 Sali

we are very appreciate for holiday to Dugi otok, The house was very nice and appropriate for the children, the weather is beautiful and the best the owners were extremely welcoming ! It sure we come back to Dugi Otok ! Probably not in 2013, but I hope in 2014.

Helen from UK - 2012 - house 214 Soline

I can advise you that we had the most fantastic holiday on the island of Dugi Otok. It was a fabulous island and totally unspoilt by tourism of any sorts. It was exactly what I had hoped for and exceeded my expectations in every way. The house was amazing, the houseowner was polite, efficient and was very helpful. The house was exceptionally clean and everything worked perfectly. The location of the house was beautiful being so close to the clear blue water and the sunsets we saw will remain with me forever. My whole family really enjoyed every moment of our time in Croatia and we really hope to return. I have told many people what a great experience we had and that in my opinion Croatia is the "new Caribbean"! The only opinion I could give you for improving anything (and I am having to try really hard to find something as everything was so good!) - is that I would advise any clients going over to Dugi Otok for a holiday, to stock up well on the basics for food and housekeeping before catching the ferry as obviously being such a small island, large shops are not plentiful! But I have to say thats what makes it so wonderful! Thank you so much for all your help when I was booking this house. You were most helpful when I was trying to fit flights and houses together!

Andrea und Jiri from Jablonec nad Nisou - 2012 - house 107 Sali

Me and my husband and also our children … we were more than satisfied with our holiday on Dugi Otok… It was exactly what we expected.. nice and calm beaches, trips, beautiful weather and perfect accomodation. we also like the marina where we went for a drink every evening.We are saying to all of our friends that we can only recommend them this great part of Croatia for a holiday…and when will they ask for a contact for accomodation. Be sure we will get them your contact. We appreciated your full service with all exact information.And houseowner was waiting for us and communication with him was also without any problems. Thank you so much for this positive experience and we have nothing what we could say .. you should do better.. Keep this level and everything will be perfect.

Peter from Mezofalva - 2012 - house 108 Telascica

I woud say we spent a wonderfull time on Dugi otok. Everything was perfect for us, we got more than we expected. Housowner and his family are ver kind people also the other people we met during the holiday. I can fully recommend your services, and Dugi otok to everybody.

Helene and Philippe from Paris - 2012 - house 102 Sali

we spend very nice holidays in Dugi Otok. The owner was very friendly even if it was quite impossible to talk together, because of the languages... But she really have an hospitality feeling and we appreciate this a lot. For example, she gave us home cooking (cakes) and it is a true way of welcoming people. Every thing was fine and the description of the house was real. Moreover, the island was really a nice place to spend time. Of course, we will recommend you if some relatives think to go to Croatia or if we have any chance ourselves to go again

Rob from Suffolk - 2012 - house MIRKOB Molat

We loved Molat, and the apartment. You were helpful and responded very quickly, and we appreciated the time you spent giving us details of various apartments and places, ferry travel etc, all at very short notice. The owner and his daughter were friendly and helpful - but also were careful to give us privacy, and were very good hosts. They arranged boat hire for us too, though boats were very hard to come by, and we were grateful for this - it was one of the highlights of the holiday for us. The apartment and the balcony and the view was just right, and the village and island (and the weather) were fantastic. There weren't really sandy beaches by our standards - which we didn't mind - but I'd suggest you're more careful in suggesting they are, since some visitors might be disappointed - shallow coves, hidden pebble beaches, that kind of thing might be more accurate. We loved to swim and jump from the ferry and boat jetties at Molat - the water was a beautiful crystal blue and warm - we think it would be worth mentioning this. Also how sheltered and car free Molat town was - and how peaceful, with a slow relaxed pace of life, a place to really escape. The only improvement we'd suggest is having a boat and/or bikes as part of the holiday hire - also good to make clear that local taxi/lifts are possible and good value if people want to explore the island/coves/beaches. Perhaps we'll visit again - we had a great holiday.

Joe from Seaford UK - 2013 - house 143 Brbinj

We had a great time on Dugi Otok thanks and loved the friendly, laid-back atmosphere on the island. We were also impressed with how clean and clear the sea there was - I think it's the clearest I've ever seen in Europe and if there were a couple of palm trees places like Sakharun could have been in the caribbean. The self-catering appartment you found for us was also lovely - clean and well fitted out and perfect for our needs. The whole family left happy and we are hoping to return to visit again in the coming years. Many thanks for your help in booking this.

John from Southampton UK - 2013 - house 175 Sali

We had a great time on the Island and we have let all our friends and relatives know! The house owners were prefect hosts and very generous with their garden produce - the apartment was ideal for us with a fantastic view of Sali harbour and a good selection of places to eat and drink only a few minutes by foot away.

Vladimir from Trencianska Tepla, Slovakia - 2013 - house VINKO Zdrelac Pasman

We had a great time on the Island and we have let all our friends and relatives know! The house owners were prefect hosts and very generous with their garden produce - the apartment was ideal for us with a fantastic view of Sali harbour and a good selection of places to eat and drink only a few minutes by foot away.

Iszi from London, UK - 2013 - house 135 A1 Sali

The house was in a beautiful location and we enjoyed our stay there. I would say that there was a strange smell coming from the bathroom but apart from that, the accomadation was good, everything was clean and in working order. I would say that some more detailed instructions to find it may help people in future, as we did not have sat nav. The lady who owned it was there on time and very nice, her friend helped with the english and even went to the market and got us some fish one morning, which was really good.

David and Tina from London, UK - 2013 - house 250 Sali

We had a really lovely holiday on Dugi Otok I am certain that we will return again. Our holiday started extremely well with meeting Mr Mikula from the car hire company in Zadar. He met us at the airport with the car and drove us to the ferry port where he even helped us to purchase the correct ticket. On the journey he gave us lots of helpful advise. When we returned the car at the end of our holiday we decided to drop it in Zadar town at the office. Again the car hire company and Mr Mikula were extremely helpful and he took us to the airport that evening. He made everything about renting the car very easy. The apartment that we rented in Sali was located in an extremely lovely position and we really enjoyed being in the little fishing port and waking up every day to a view across the boats and the bay. Mr Buturic the owner was again a very helpful and friendly owner who made a big effort to welcome us and to make our holiday special. We found the apartment to be very well provided in equipment and facilities and indeed one day Mr Buturic provided us with a barbeque and some fresh calamari that he had caught. It was delicious. The style of the furnishing in the apartment is a little bit 'dated' but we believe that this is common in Croatia. It was nevertheless very clean and comfortable. It would be a good idea to have a 'guestbook' at the apartment where visitors can leave their comments at the end of their stay. We have often found that previous guests can provide good advice and recommendations of places to visit such as restaurants etc. So in a 'nutshell' everything was very good and we have absolutely no complaints.

Dana and Miloš from Hodonin - 2014 - house LJUBO Ugljan Čeprljanda

We were very satisfied , the landlord was very friendly , the rooms clean and spacious. We had peace that we seek . Just a small technical detail , broken drain in the bathroom when showering water flowed onto the floor. We recommend the apartment to our friends .

Janos from Budapest - 2014 - house DENIS Ždrelac

Sure, our holiday was fantastic again. I can suggest Haus Denis to guests who like the quiet places, the natural beach and the quiet clear sea without crowd. The house is well equipped and the panorama is exceptional from the terrace, and to top it off, the owners are really helpful and hospitable.

Vladimir from Trenčianska Tepla - 2014 - house 204 Sali

thank you for having made me to remember myself the splendid time of the holiday in Dugi otok. I have positive souvenirs only and I will not hesitate to recommend that place to anybody. Even that the indicated distance to see was not very similar to the real one, we did not take amiss from it.

Stepanka from Praha - 2014 - house 129 Sali

Island Dugi Otok, lot of a nice landscapes and nature. It was for our family a nice suprise that even during a holiday season you can find there a beaches with a few families. We spent there a very nice time during our holiday in July 2014. The house is a mediaval house with a nice appartment, best for family. The appartment is nicely decorated and you will find there exactly what you need. Two bathrooms are big advantage even wash machine including. The terrace is fantastic, with gorgeous view. The landlord family is open and always willing to help you. The little city Sali is very nice to see during the evening when the restaurant and sweet shop are open and you can see the life on the boats which are anchoring in the marine. Our family travel a lot over the world, but we did not know that even not so far from our home, still exist so peaceful and friendly place. We can only recommend it. Thanks again to Mrs landlord Maja. Family Holub, Prague, Czech Republic

Clare from UK - 2014 - house VINKO Zdrelac

We had a lovely holiday thank you! The apartment was perfect, the location amazing and the owners were very helpful and friendly. We would love to stay there again another year! It was good to have such a great bar/restaurant in the village as well as a shop and bakers. We loved the quiet location and the beaches too. Thank you very much indeed.

John from Manchester - 2015 - house 118 Sali

We had a lovely time thanks. The house was great apart from the tiny kitchen which made cooking difficult. The house owners were lovely but since they were living downstairs when we arrived they did not make it clear that they were not going to be there all of the time!! The location was great and everyone we met was very friendly. I do think there needs to be a light at the bottom of the steps before you get to the road -my wife had a bit of a nasty fall there because she couldn't see in front of her

Metka from Vienna - 2015 - house DENIS Zdrelac

We had a really great week on Pasman (so great, I actually thought I had booked it for an additional day ;-) and will definitely come back! The owners, Anita and Denis, were incredibly hospitable and helpful, offered us great coffee and other goodies, let us pick figs from their fig trees,…. we had a great time chatting with them on their veranda. Anita's great English and my average Slovenian made communication effortless! The apartment is very spacious, very clean and perfectly equipped. We spent as much time as possible on the very grand terrace, enough shady parts most of the day and a good sun umbrella for shade in the afternoon, wonderful view on the sea and the church tower, very nice little private beach, wonderfully clean water, sitting on the terrace looking out on the sea was better than any TV program (there is a TV, we never turned it on) The little village of Zdrelac has everything that you need, restaurant/caffee/bar, little shop, little market and very friendly locals (not only tourists, which was a blessing) We took small excursions by car to other places on Ugljan and Pasman and were impressed also by other parts of the islands. The service offered by you (I figured a website, that was also in Croatian and not only German and English would be better than very big enterprises and I was right) was great, the information you delivered upon receipt of your fee was useful and I will definitely recommend your site to any friends traveling in your direction!

Shirley and Ken from London - 2015 - house 249 Sali

We very much enjoyed our stay on Sali in July (although it was a little too hot at times). We think Dugi Otok and the Zadar region of Croatia are a very good holiday destinations – lots to see in Zadar while Dugi Otok is peaceful. The house is very comfortable and we particularly like the balcony view of the bay. Shopping is easy because you can use the local store (just around the corner) or walk into Sali. In the evening there is a good variety of restaurants to choose from. Our favourite was the fish restaurant at the top of the hill near the apartment.

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